Erik Vrij


Top 10 Opmerkelijkste thrillerdebuut 2013. ‘Uniek. Zijn eerstgeborene is nu al een schot in de roos! Witte Inkt is geschikt voor een breed publiek.’

‘Now in the middle of the night, after just finished reading the book I have to say it’s mind-blowing to say the least. The plot is simply clever and the main characters are really well built into the storyline. I especially enjoyed the international flavour the story has, it truly is a book for a globalized world.
I also have congratulate you for the publishing house Sdu Uitgevers, the book is really well made and its quality far exceeds most of the books I’ve read so far.’

LAURENTIU GHERASE, Lawyer, SVS & Partners, Romania; former President of ELSA Romania

‘It’s the first Dutch language book I actually finished.’

(Senior French speaking Belgian banker)

‘Very entertaining indeed!! Erik Vrij used his wide experience in the banking sector to great effect to create a fine financial thriller.’

PROF. VICTOR DE SERIÈRE, Of Counsel, Allen & Overy; professor of banking and securities law, Radboud University, Nijmegen

‘I read your book with great interest. It was very enjoyable… You have a real talent!’

(Senior Policy Officer, Pharmaceuticals Unit, European Commission)

‘I soon became engrossed in it …I was almost disappointed to arrive back in London and have to put the book down for the day.’

(Head of UK Legal, Global bank)

‘It certainly made me think about what a cashless e-society would look like. Excellent title BTW. Please keep me posted about what you write next.’

EDWARD LUCAS, Senior editor, The Economist; first digital citizen of ‘E-stonia’

‘Can’t believe it isn’t a bestseller yet. I greatly look forward to reading the sequel.’

(Senior banker)

‘1984 has become 2028 in this credible and incredible future of Europe’s own Google, about to go under in a corporate ego clash. Highly readable fun, thrill and fascinating themes make White Ink a one of a kind story waiting to be read by anyone.’

JORIS WILLEMS, Global Board Member / IP & Technology Partner, DLA Piper

‘Thrilling, enthralling, fascinating. After a few Baldaccis and a Grisham this book was at least as good. Take your time to read it because you won’t put it down. Great debut. May many follow!’

ANNERIE VREUGDENHIL, Head of Commercial Banking Netherlands, ING